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What areas do you Service?
We are based out of Ohio County but service the entire state of Kentucky into Tennessee. Including but not limited to Owensboro, Bowling Green, Louisville, Beaver Dam, Paducah, and Nashville. Needing an install outside of KY or TN? Contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.

What Forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept exact cash (we will not have change), all major credit cards via Square payment, Venmo, or Paypal. No personal checks.


Do you have insurance?
Yes we carry a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy We can provide proof of insurance certificate if needed.

What is your cancellation policy?

For reservations of Balloon Installations & Photo Booth rentals a 50% non refundable initial retainer, along with an electronically signed contract, secures your chosen date. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event. In case of cancellation or rescheduling, you will receive a credit valid for up to a year, equivalent to the amount paid. If balloons have already been prepared, we retain the right to subtract the expenses for supplies and labor from your credit.


For inflatables Cancellation is permitted up until the morning of the event. However, once we have delivered and set up, no refunds will be issued.


How far in advance do I need to book for balloons?
Designing and bringing our custom creations to life requires a substantial amount of time, so the earlier you make a booking, the better! To secure your preferred date, we recommend booking in advance, as we currently schedule reservations up to a year ahead. This ensures that your date is reserved and reduces the risk of unavailability. While we strive to accommodate last-minute bookings, securing your spot early increases the likelihood of meeting your scheduling preferences.

Oops, I waited till last minute to plan my event. Can you help?

The Event Kode would love to help! For events under 10 days away, we add a rush fee of 15% to your total.

Do you have an order minimum purchase for balloon installations?

For on site setups we have a 10ft minimum for installation. Our grab and go balloons garlands have a 5ft minimum up to 9ft max.


My balloons are booked for an outdoor install but it's going to rain, what do I do?

In some cases, we can still install in the rain. But depending on the severity of the weather, we always ask that you have an indoors location as your backup. Our first priority is making sure our team has a safe space to install, especially in weather conditions. Our team has the final say on if the conditions are safe for them to install or not. If not, we ask that you show them the indoors location that you’ve chosen for your backup.


Can you provide delivery and installation services for balloons at my event?

If you’ve met our minimum order requirement for on site installation, we’d be happy to deliver and install our balloons for you! See our Balloons section for more information for our minimum requirements.

What is the pricing for balloon installations?

See our Balloons section for pricing info! For on site installations, we add a 20% install fee (based on the subtotal of your balloons).


How long do your balloons last?
A lot of factors go into how long your balloons will last. When ordering we will specifically ask if these are going indoors or outdoors, along with a picture of the location they will be installed. Things like the weather (the heat and cold affect the balloons differently), landscaping, the locations room temperature, if balloons are in direct sunlight or next to vents, lit candles inside the same room as the balloons, and more, all have an impact on your balloons. But don’t worry! We have a way to prep the balloons to where they last as long as possible in the above mentioned conditions. We just need to know ahead of time so we can prepare! Air filled balloons that are kept in rooms with temperature controlled settings can expect to upwards of a month. Helium balloons- some can last for weeks while others only last the time of the event Once we drop off your balloons, we are not responsible for any popping/deflating.


I’ve changed my mind and would like it moved to the other side of the room...

Once The Event Kode installs your balloons in the space you asked, if you change your mind and ask us to move it, depending on the size of the build it would be subject to another install fee. Some things can be moved without any issues, others require extra labor, time, and materials to move.


Do you offer touchups?

Yes! We’d be happy to come touch up your balloons to extend the beauty of your setup! Just send us a picture of the balloons and we can let you know how much it would cost to touchup some that are deflated!


Do you come take down balloons after the event?

Take down/striking is definitely a service we offer! Let us know when booking your install that you'd like us to do that and we will add that into your quote.

What is a grab and go garland?

Grab and Go Garlands are a budget friendly option that still allows you to have an amazing balloon garland at your event! Ranging in sizes from 5ft-9ft, we will make your garland for you and provide the materials and instructions for you to install it at your event. Grab and Go’s are a pickup only option.


Where can I pick up my grab and go garland?

At our shop in Hartford 1105 S Main Street Hartford KY 42347 Must have a vehicle that will fit the length that you order. We do not deliver grab & go garlands. The day/time availability for pickup will be communicated directly to you from our staff when purchasing.


How long does the installation process take?

On site installation timeframes vary for each install. A standard install can be anywhere from 30-45min, while others can take longer. Install times are dependent on the size of the order, weather, time it takes to unload at the location, any rigging that needs to be done, etc. Once we have an idea of what you’d like to order, we can give you a general idea of how long the install would take!


What are your balloons made out of?
Our standard balloon installations use high quality latex balloons. But we do offer latex free options for those who need it!

Do you require a down payment?

We require a 50% non refundable retainer and an e-signed contract for any of our balloon installations.


How and When do I pay for inflatables?
All inflatable rentals - You pay the day of event/when we arrive. We accept exact cash (we will not have change), all major credit cards via Square payment, Venmo, or Paypal. No personal checks. 


How many hours do I get the inflatable/s?

A minimum booking duration of 6 hours is required. If our availability permits, we are open to extending the rental duration on the same day.


My event doesn’t last that long, do I get a discount on the rental?
The amount of labor remains consistent, whether it's for one hour or six hours. Therefore, the pricing remains the same regardless of the duration you choose for that day.

I rented a dry inflatable, but there is a chance of rain on my party day.
We will closely monitor the weather leading up to your party time. The final decision on the delivery of the inflatable will be determined by The Event Kode, taking into consideration the forecast.

What is the weather policy for inflatble rentals? 

In the event of heavy rainfall, lightning, or winds reaching 15 mph or more, the inflatable must be powered off.

What time will be inflatable be delivered?
Our delivery schedule is organized according to the party times scheduled for the day, prioritizing events starting earliest. The Event Kode will reach out to you the Wednesday before your event, providing a one-hour delivery window.

Do I need to provide the power source for the inflatable?
Yes! You are responsible for providing power. We have generators that you can rent if there isn't power available at your event location. 

How many children can bounce at the same time?
Exclusive age groups and specific sizes are permitted simultaneously on Event Kode's equipment. Usage of inflatables by individuals beyond the age of fifteen (15) is strictly prohibited unless the unit is explicitly designed for adult use. Additionally, individuals weighing over two hundred (200) pounds are not allowed to enter any inflatable at any given moment. Event Kode adheres to either the manufacturer's recommended capacity/weight load as printed on the inflatable or the following guidelines, whichever allows for a lower maximum number of people in a unit at a given time:

Explore answers to commonly asked questions about Event Kode to ensure you have all the information you need for a seamless and memorable experience! Don't see your question? Email us for more information!



Do I need Wi-FI for the photo booth?
Our Photo Booth is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi on the iPad, eliminating any concerns about whether your venue has it!


Do you supply a background for the Photo Booth?

We offer rental options for backdrops! Feel free to inquire about them when securing your reservation.


Can you customize your digital images with a graphic?
Certainly! Your images will include a complimentary graphic overlay tailored to match the theme of your event or your company's logo.

Can the Photo Booth be outside? 

Absolutely! There are a few situations where relocating the setup indoors is necessary:

  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid the risk of overheating the iPad.

  • In the event of rain, it must be moved indoors.

We kindly request that you have an indoor alternative as a backup plan.

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